Ithaca-on-Hemp Tradition (Heartwood Morris)

A dance in the (modern) tradition of Ithaca-on-Hemp for a multiple of 3 dancers with a multiple of 6 long sticks. The music is the folk tune "Chase Me Charlie", arranged for Morris dancing by Peter Hoover. This dance features stick tossing in the chorus, as well as a unique stick clash in the hey.

Dance Notes

Danced with two long sticks held at the base. Standard 3-person Ithaca-on-Hemp stick dance figures. Ends on rounds (bonfire).

TODO: Describe the first part of the chorus sticking.

The chorus has a standard Ithaca-on-Hemp 3-person hey, except that the squire and anti-squire extend their sticks to create a "gate" and the point clashes with both sticks at once as they move forward to begin the hey.

Sheet Music


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