Ithaca-on-Hemp Tradition (Heartwood Morris)

A dance in the (modern) tradition of Ithaca-on-Hemp for a multiple of 3 dancers with a multiple of 6 long sticks. The music is the folk tune "Bean Setting", arranged for Morris dancing by Peter Hoover. This dance is notable for its variable-speed figures, where each figure is danced significantly faster than the previous one.

Dance Notes

Danced with two long sticks held at the base. Standard 3-person Ithaca-on-Hemp stick dance figures. Ends on rounds (bonfire). The first figure is danced very slowly, while rounds at the end is very fast. The chorus music should be at a "plodding" pace. The chorus sticking involves placing both sticks together and wrapping both hands around them, and sticking in a windmill pattern. This will produce very loud stick clashes, and dancers with shoulder injuries should definitely not learn this dance.

TODO: Describe the chorus sticking in more detail, especially which pair clashes first.

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