Ithaca-on-Hemp Tradition (Heartwood Morris)

A dance in the (modern) tradition of Ithaca-on-Hemp for 4 dancers with 2 long sticks each.

Dance Notes

Danced in the same diamond formation as an Ithaca-on-Hemp hanky dance, with the same figures as would be done for a hanky dance. Ends on rounds (bonfire, as with other stick dances).

The chorus always begins with the sides performing 3 clashes with their right-hand stick:

  • Partner high
  • Self (left-hand stick in the middle)
  • Partner low

The top and bottom then perform the same 3 clashes. The dancers proceed to their left either 1, 2, or 3 positions to their left (in each successive chorus), and then repeat the chorus.

For the progressive version of this dance, see "Trizzle - Progressive" in the Repertoire list.

Music: Note that the 3 choruses (parts B, C, and D) are all slightly different, with additional measures added to the 2nd and 3rd choruses.

Sheet Music


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